Trip To Little Big Horn

August 1, 2018

The battleground itself is very simply, a place.

It is a place in the open wilderness of Montana.

Part of the mystique of the Battle of the Little Big Horn is its remoteness. Some of the exact movements and facts concerning the battle are shielded forever by that remoteness. This causes a ghostly veil to be cast upon the entire location, and it has become a magnet of perpetual curiosity. The battle only took a few hours, but its causes took decades and the resounding shock wave is still felt to this day.

The main event leading… Continue reading

It’s All About The Rhinestones


The Superlatives have had about 12 suits custom tailored over the years. Of those, about half are rhinestone studded. Amongst all of them though, there is one jacket that hands down, beats them all.


The inspiration of this rhinestone beauty came from a 1970’s piece designed and tailored by Manuel for Freddie Hart.


It is special because it is one of the first creations to come out of Manuel’s new shop just after he left Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors. Freddie was one of the earliest customers to come through the door and he ordered up this jacket, which originally came… Continue reading

Because I Like It,….

I am a fan of great architecture and design, or any structure that shows creativity and thought. Louis Sullivan, for instance, the father of the modern skyscraper and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorites. So, any time I find a jewel in our travels I try to take the time to savor and enjoy it’s statement of beauty and voice. There is such a jewel in Stoughton Wisconsin … the Stoughton Opera house.


Built and opened in 1901 as a combination City Hall, library, fire department and performing arts center, the Opera House occupies the second… Continue reading

California Dreamin’… Old Theaters, Old Friends, Old Memories & One Prison

Leaving Nashville on Oct 9th, we head west to California via Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Two weeks in and our departure seem like six months ago. Out here time speeds up and slows down all at the same time. Routine forces movement, while spare, quiet moments are savored. I love the opportunities that come with the changing landscapes, and traveling west provides them in spades. This trip is a venue mix of aging movie theaters, a couple of casinos, a famous rock club, and a county fair.

Let me say this about aging movie theaters… they are… Continue reading

WS Holland and the Butterfly Effect

If W.S. “Fluke” Holland hadn’t owned a Cadillac in 1954, I wouldn’t have a job.

You think I’m reaching? Well, please let me proceed to state my case.

After graduating high school near Jackson Tennessee, WS, or “Fluke” went to work for the S.M. Lawrence Air Conditioning Company. He had a good job, making $35 a week. He bought himself a 1948 Cadillac.

On weekends, W.S. would to go see his good friends Carl Perkins and the Perkins brothers play in the honky tonks around town, sometimes keeping time on Clayton Perkin’s bass fiddle as they played. We’re talking beer… Continue reading

With Roger McGuinn

Two Old Friends and One New
Two Old Friends and One New

For me, The Byrds were a major musical influence.  English bands like the Beatles, the Stones, and the Kinks were the first to electrify my creative soul and inspire me to play music.  The Byrds, however, brought the musical thunder back to this side of the pond by electrifying folk songs.  Their cool look framed in the California sun, with their heavy backbeat and thick harmonies were an undeniable sound on the radio, and I loved it.  Their contribution, right alongside Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie are the bloodline that… Continue reading

The Rockies, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon & the Navajo

Labor Day celebrated, Sept 2, 2013

Flagstaff AZ

Today our bus driver, Dwayne announced that we’ve traveled around 4000 miles in the past five days. I’m feelin’ it too. It’s been a good trip though. Let me explain how we got here by backing up about 1500 miles.

From Iowa City we deadheaded to Evergreen CO, a little alpine bedroom to Denver, only 45 minutes away. I am told Willie Nelson used to have a place here. We parked in front of our destination, the Little Bear Saloon.

DSC07775 DSC07777 Cuz played here back in 1987. George Thorogood, Delbert McClinton, have also… Continue reading

The Badlands, South Dakota State Fair, Sherwin Linton and the Gatlins

Friday, August 30

“We’re gonna see an eagle today, Handsome,” Marty announces as I enter the lounge from the bunk area.

This morning we’re traveling through the southwest corner of South Dakota on our way to Huron SD.  I feel the spirit of George Armstrong Custer and the Sioux all over the landscape that flows past our bus window.  Gently rolling grasslands and cottonwood trees, interrupted by the occasional farm.  There’s nothing that looks like this in any other part of the county.  You’ll only find it here.

DSC07636-EditI’m especially taken with the giant fields of… Continue reading

We’re Headed West

Thurs, Aug 29

In a truck stop just west of North Platte Nebraska, our bus takes fuel for the second time since leaving Nashville. Our first stop will be Gering NE which is practically in Colorado. Marty and I are in the front lounge having a cup of joe, watching the flat Nebraska landscape go by.

Outside our bus window is a moving screen of farmland dotted with cattle, barns, and huge irrigation systems. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in the lives of those farmhouses on the plains. Everybody, including us, seems to be just passin’ thru.… Continue reading