We’re Headed West

Thurs, Aug 29

In a truck stop just west of North Platte Nebraska, our bus takes fuel for the second time since leaving Nashville. Our first stop will be Gering NE which is practically in Colorado. Marty and I are in the front lounge having a cup of joe, watching the flat Nebraska landscape go by.

Outside our bus window is a moving screen of farmland dotted with cattle, barns, and huge irrigation systems. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in the lives of those farmhouses on the plains. Everybody, including us, seems to be just passin’ thru.



As we approach our destination 19 hours from Nashville the earth starts to gently undulate and mesas pop up in the distance. Mother Earth is showing us we are fast approaching the Rocky Mountains.


The bus finally comes to rest at our venue, within site of Scott’s Bluff National Monument.  The official temperature is listed at 96 degrees.  I think they lie here in Gering.  Feels like you could fry an egg on our outdoor stage.


And the tour begins……..

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  • Hi Hansom.

    Can you tell me about you ad your family? I’ve been watching the MS show for some time and I love to watch you perform. Oh Yeah! Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hello Handsome Harry! My name is Gary, I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I had the pleasure of attending the Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives on July 20th of this year at the Esplanade theatre. I have attended a lot of concerts in my time but this one was right up there with the top three. I was blown away at the musicianship of all of you as well as the fabulous voices that all of you have. The concert didn’t last near long enough that night. You all look like you were enjoying yourselves and it is quite apparent you love what you all do. I have been searching You Tube for any videos of all of you in Marty’s band and tonight I searched your name and opened your website. I am totally blown away at all you have accomplished in your career over the years. WOW! You are so talented Harry. When the concert ended that night in Medicine Hat I had the opportunity to shake Marty’s hand to the right of the stage if you were looking at the audience. I told Marty that how wonderful the concert was and I told Marty that Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives must come back to the Hat, sooner than later preferably! I am a hobby drummer and play to recorded music and have been thinking seriously about taking lessons to become better. Anyway I had better end this email to you, I want to wish you and all around you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see you in the Hat soon. All the best….Gary

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